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Check out the gallery of amazing photos of the new mask of Philadelphia Flyers’ goalie Steve Mason from artist Fran Drummond.
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Steve Mason’s goaltender mask, made by Bauer, is unlike any mask created in the past. Artist Fran Drummond of PaintZoo, worked diligently for several weeks to create the zombie inspired concept and finished mask. From the first sketches to the final product ready to be worn by Mason, and a hockey stick to match, this goalie mask is truly a work of art.

Mason’s mask features current Flyers’ players, rather than the common practice of giving a nod to players from the past. Portrayed as zombies, fans will see Captain Claude Giroux, and Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds and Jakub Voracek. Also incredibly unique to this mask, the Flyers’ equipment manager Derek Settlemyer is painted on the back. Flyers fans have always enjoyed checking out the unique art of their goaltender’s mask. This time around, people will want to get as close as they can.

Once a goalies’ mask is painted, a clear coat and glossy finish is added on. Unfortunately, doing this takes away from all of the detail painted onto the mask. For Mason’s mask, Drummond used a matte finish instead of the gloss. This mask looks like a fine piece of china. It’s hard to believe it is a piece of sports equipment and not sitting in a museum somewhere.





To find out more about Mason’s new mask, click here to read the press release.

The Story Behind the Mask

Local artist creates unique mask for Flyers goalie Steve Mason PHILADELPHIA – Franny Drummond has a tremendous passion for  Philadelphia Flyers hockey and also for creating inimitable works of art. A Philadelphia-area native, Drummond has combined those two passions into a  unique piece of art – a hand-painted, artistic mask that will be worn in the nets  this week by Philadelphia Flyers standout goalie, Steve Mason. Mason will be wearing the eye-appealing mask that also pays homage to several  of his Flyer teammates. Portrayed as “zombies” – another Mason passion – are  Flyers captain Claude Giroux and teammates Scott Hartnell, Wayne Simmonds

and Jakub Voracek.  Also unique to this mask: Flyers’ Head Equipment Manager Derek Settlemyer is painted on the back. “The mask’s primary goal is to provide protection for Steve Mason, but it’s also  a true piece of art for viewing and for appreciating,” said Drummond, who was  a hockey goalie in his youth “Something like this has never been done before,  honoring current players. Hockey masks are usually very shiny, but this one isn’t.  If you take off the cage, the mask looks like a piece of artwork.” In fact, making the mask was such a unique and captivating process that  DSP Photo Studios captured the making of Drummond’s mask in his shop in Langhorne – called Paint Zoo.

While Drummond worked tirelessly constructing and hand-painting the new mask, getting to his shop early in the morning and not leaving until late at night,  DSP photographers Den Sweeney and Jay Kan were at Paint Zoo photographing and chronicling the tedious process and creating thousands of photos. For a sample of the photos, visit It was a fascinating process, watching Drummond create the idea and come up with the finished product that was presented to Mason at Friday’s Flyers practice. He will wear the new mask at the Flyers home game Saturday against the Boston Bruins. Creating a goalie’s mask is obviously unique. Who does artwork, only to have it  be target practice for an object that is travelling at speeds of over 100 miles an hour?

“Obviously the mask must protect the goalie, but it’s also a true piece of art,” Sweeney said. “To watch Franny and photograph his painstaking attention to detail, unbelievable work ethic, and unique style, was fascinating. He does incredible work.” Creating a hockey goalie mask is nothing new to Drummond – it’s practically his specialty now after years of doing artwork for motorcycles, cars and trucks. Drummond’s artwork is pretty well known in the NHL. His helmets have been worn by Flyers goalies Brian Boucher, Ilya Bryzgalov and Sergei Bobrovsky.  “Steve loves this mask. It truly is quite a piece of artwork. He flipped out over it when he saw our pictures of Franny making it,” Kan said. “And he will love it even more now that he can wear the finished product.”


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